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Hey there, I’m Davi Rodrigues. I’m a choreographer working and living in Vancouver BC.

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“When you become the image of your own imagination, it's the most powerful thing you could ever do.”

- RuPaul

Davi Rodrigues built a career, renowned as a unique audacious immersive choreographer and producing daring hard work as an Artistic Director. Originally from Brazil, Rodrigues is a Canadian Citizen who distinguished himself as a passionate dancer for many years, and as a young visionary choreographer for nearly a decade prior to and joining Lamondance. With this, he brings high energy and optimism to his work.

Davi studied physical education at the Universidade Católica de Brasília (UCB) while training and performing as a dancer for six years with the Aplauso Cia de Dança under the direction of Junior O'Hara in Taguatinga - DF. Rodrigues also studied classical ballet with the Ballet Theatre Guaira’s principal dancer Heloisa Almeida.

Davi has leadership skills shown at a very early age. His gift for creating innovative experiences as both a dancer and choreographer began in Brazil. Davi crafted original choreography for 8 original full-length dance shows with "Cia Criatividança" His own company (a company he danced and directed for 15 years). With which he toured Brazil received many awards as outstanding as a dancer and best choreographer. His works are known around the globe.

He is one of the most important members of the International Dance Seminar in Brasilia - Brazil, a momentous event that celebrates, educate and gift opportunities to dancers around the world, where he serves as a Mentor, Judge and Choreographer. He was a member of the artistic committee of the Royal City Youth Ballet for many years.  

In Vancouver, Davi started as a dancer and guest choreographer, but grew into the Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer of "Lamondance Company" a contemporary training and performing dance company and not for profit organization founded in 2009. With his work, Davi finds voices for emerging dancers in a program which fosters technical and artistic development. Lamondance provides a platform that serves as a starting point for young artists. His hard work with Lamondance has created an unmistakable artistic voice known as creative, ambitious, breathtaking, cutting edge and most of all, humble. 

Combining the characteristics of the program with his own global success, Davi was able to connect his dancers with many artists from Canada and abroad, creating a reliable network present in our community. Rodrigues' most recent works for Lamondance are Ubuntu - I am because we are, Garden of Lights, Kauã, WE, Marbled, IELE (a collaboration with the Emmy-nominated Music composer Hall Beckett), How it ends, and most recently VIVA which premiered on June 2019 in celebration of the companies 10th anniversary. Most recently Davi incorporated Lamondance as Lamondance Arts Society, a society registered under the laws of the Province of British Columbia.

Davi’s passion for the art of dance reaches beyond the stage. Currently approaching its 8th edition in 2020, Davi created the "Lamondance and Friends Gala," a show that celebrates the dance community. The gala provides a simple way to connect our community by uniting dance schools, training programs and dance companies from the all over Mainland with the goal creating a conversation about dance.

His works as a choreographer can also be seen in many important dance schools in Vancouver such as: "Arts Umbrella," "Pacific Dance and arts," "Kirkwood Academy of Performance and Arts," "RNB Dance & Theatre" among others. He has received several awards from important festivals in Vancouver as well as in the United States of America.

As a passionate mentor, Rodrigues pursues his enthusiasm to sustain artistic excellence, creation, production and performance by supporting, educating and challenging its artists to take risks while contributing to the growth of all performers, choreographers and arts educators in the community at large.

Davi’s success is born from his unique style of dance, connection and choreography, bringing with him an enormous amount of energy and optimism.


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By Miles Clark

By Miles Clark


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