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Hey there, I’m Davi Rodrigues. I’m a choreographer working and living in Vancouver BC.

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“When you become the image of your own imagination, it's the most powerful thing you could ever do.” 

- RuPaul

Originally from Brasil Davi Rodrigues has had an extensive career in dance, he is a multifunctional performer with an open mind to new ideas and concepts; With this, he brings high energy and optimism to his choreography and dancing. 

In Brazil, he danced and choreographed for many companies; He has choreographed 08 original full-length dance shows for “Cia Criatividança” in Brazil, a company he danced and directed for 15 years, His own company with which toured Brazil received many awards outstanding as a dancer and choreographer. His works are known around the globe.

In Vancouver, he is the Artistic Director and choreographer of "Lamondance," a contemporary dance training company. Davi has choreographed for many schools in Vancouver like “Arts Umbrella,” "Pacific Dance and arts" and "Kirkwood Academy of Performance and Arts." Has received several awards from festivals in Vancouver including as best choreographer in several festivals in the province. As well as in the United States of America.

Within his unique voice, Davi focuses on challenging physical freedom, using acrobatic moves and exploring the body in unusual ways; With a unique and unmistakable style that integrates the art of dance with the plastic quality, visual and emotion that the human body has the ability to express themselves, Davi is very successful with his unique style, bringing with him an enormous amount of energy and optimism.


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By Miles Clark

By Miles Clark


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