Cia Criatividanca was a project that lasted 16 years, directed and choreographed by David Rodrigues, the company was established in Brasilia and was present in other cities in Brazil, The work of the company was known for the boldness and creativity. The company has never had a seat. In the last years of work, Criatividança was established within the Universidade Católica de Brasilia - UCB, as part of the project Culture on campus. In 16 years, The company created eight shows with unique identity presented to thousands of people, and several choreographies for festivals and events to which the company was invited to perform.

Concerned with the social question, the artistic director of the company, Davi Rodrigues allowed the audience members to have 50% discount on the tickets if they donate nonperishable food. It allowed the company to bring the dance to all levels of society also, to help institutions and nursing homes donating the food collected during the shows.

Without any funding, the company survived through the dedication and love of art from the Director, Dancers, and volunteers. Criatividança has their work recognized through Brazil and in the cities of Bogotá and Madrid - Spain, where they were invited to dance at The Contemporary Dance Festival promoted by the UNIVERSITY CARLOS III DE MADRID SPAIN, besides having some of their repertoires reassembled in Vancouver - Canada. The company finished its work when the Artistic director and choreographer Davi Rodrigues, moved to Vancouver in 2008, where he lives since.

In 2009 the company got reunited to perform "Bambula - A Love story".